Yoga Therapeutics: Neck Pain Relief

Woke up with a stiff neck?

Does your neck feel painful after a tiring day at the office?

Are your neck’s movements restricted?

Our neck carries a lot of strain throughout a day of sitting, intensified by poor posture or painful, unwanted injuries. The consistent stress and tension that our neck experience creates tightening and shortening on its ligaments and muscles, which causes pain and a restricted range of motion.

Striking Out Tensions

Giving our neck the pampering it needs to release muscle tensions isn’t that hard. Yoga is an efficient way of providing not just our neck, but our whole body, the relaxation it deserves. The best part about this method is, it’s not only easy to follow, but it is also free. Just properly flow with the poses and allow your neck to decompress and release all the stress it bears. Breathe along towards calmness and strike that neck pain out of your system with these Yoga poses!

Cat/Cow Movement: This movement is the best way to begin your flow. It is also an excellent countermovement to our head’s poor habit of putting a lot of stress in the neck from looking down at our phones, reading, and watching. The muscles at the back of our neck are extending and flexing as we do these activities, will cause muscle tightness. Cat/Cow movement gently stretches out neck and eases out theses muscle tensions.

  • To Do The Pose: Begin on all fours, plant your hands on the ground parallel to your shoulders and place your knees on the ground, parallel to your hips. Inhale and look upwards as you draw your shoulder blades closer to each other and arch your back. Then, exhale as you curve your back, drawing your shoulder blades away from each other. Keep your gaze at your navel and push away from the floor through the shoulders. Do this movement for five rounds.

Thread-The-Needle: This pose is an amazing twist for the cervical spine. It also stretches the sides of the neck, which is often-times the stiff neck region. 

  • To Do The Pose: Start on all fours, Table Top position. Inhale and extend your left arm up, and exhale as you thread it in the space between the right hand and right knee with your palms facing the sky. Rest the temple of your head on the mat and hold the pose for a minute. Do the same technique on the other side.

Have A look!

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In practicing Yoga, always listen to your body. If the pain remained persistent after a long time, please consult your doctor. The next time you wake up with a stiff neck or go home with neck pain, just strike these easy Yoga poses, and you’ll surely feel comfortable using minimal effort. In doing so, you also give your body the decompression and relaxation it needs to boost your energy.

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