Ubud, Bali: The Ultimate Yoga Destination

Ubud, Bali, is more than just a place that you see on your favorite yoga or travel Instagram. The beauty and the energy of Bali cannot be captured by a phone or camera alone, and it is a destination that needs to be traveled to be truly experienced. It is the ultimate yoga destination and a perfect vacation for those who want to be able to be enveloped in religious culture with easy access to beautiful yoga studios and yoga teachers from all over the world. The other appeal to Ubud is the amazing restaurants and cafes on every street, and the access to the incredible food to fuel you after long days of practicing and exploring the area. 

The most well-known and biggest yoga studio in Ubud is Yoga Barn, which was founded in the spirit of sharing yoga and healing modalities to people from all over the world who are drawn to Bali for its beauty and culture. The center has six different studios, a guesthouse on site, a restaurant, juice bar, and a healing center. They offer massage, colonics, ayurvedic treatments, and other modalities of healing to those coming to the island for these services. The Yoga Barn is really a one-stop shop when in Bali. In this beautiful place, you can find: 

  • Yoga
  • Workshops for a variety of things you might be interested in 
  • Healing sessions
  • Meditations
  • Nourishing food
  • And good vibes all around

It can be easy to only come to the Yoga Barn and spend all your days learning from the experienced teachers, trying everything on Kafe’s menu, and striking up conversations with interesting people from all over the world. While I definitely recommend going to the Yoga Barn and taking some classes there, also explore the other studios in Ubud such as Radiantly Alive and Intuitive Flow. Both studios have beautiful jungle settings and a variety of classes to suit every type of yoga practitioner. 

In between yoga classes when you need refueling, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to cater to everyone’s needs. There are wonderful vegetarian and vegan places all over, but meat-eaters alike will find places to satisfy their taste buds. One of my favorite places in Ubud is Clear Cafe, a beautiful two-story building that is half indoor and half outdoor and has an extensive menu with many different types of cuisine. They try to source as much as they can off the island, and take delicate care in making sure you have the full Bali experience while dining in their restaurant. They have a whole page devoted to drinks and vegan milkshakes, and they make their own Kombucha in the house which you can buy in a wine bottle to take to your homestay. If you are searching for more local cuisine, search out a warung such as Warung Sopa, where you can try Indonesian delicacies such as Gado Gado, a dish made up of sauteed tempeh and tofu and steamed veggies, searched with a delicious peanut sauce. While Bali can be a bit touristy in some areas, and there are definitely lots of amazing photo opportunities, you really have to travel to the island to experience all that it has to offer. It’s the ultimate destination if you love yoga, travel, culture, and good food. 

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